Located on the coastline of Gabon, Loango National Park is a haven, for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Often hailed as “Africas Eden ” this park is a gem that harmoniously combines untamed animals and breathtaking landscapes.

Spanning an area of 1,550 square kilometers Loango National Park showcases a captivating tapestry of diverse ecosystems. From the crashing waves on beaches to the dense mangroves expansive savannas and lush rainforests every corner of the park exudes biodiversity in abundance.

For those passionate about wildlife Loango National Park is a paradise. It offers an opportunity to witness forest elephants and Cape buffalo strolling along the beach – a sight rarely seen elsewhere in the world. Additionally gorillas, leopards and red river hogs are among the inhabitants that share this thriving habitat.

loango national park

Birdwatchers will find themselves in awe of Loangos avifauna as it serves as a hotspot for bird species. Moreover from July to September visitors can enjoy sightings of dolphins and humpback whales offshore – adding a dimension to the vast spectrum of wildlife, within the park.
Between November and January it’s truly breathtaking to witness sea turtles making their way, to the shore to nest. The management of Loango National Park is deeply committed to conservation. They not focus on preserving Gabons wildlife but also promote eco friendly practices. Working closely with communities they ensure that the parks success positively impacts the economy fostering a welcoming environment, for wildlife protection.

When visiting Loango National Park you have a range of eco lodges within the park itself to choose from. These lodges prioritize sustainability. Actively contribute to the economy. They offer accommodations. Provide guided tours that allow you to fully experience the parks abundant natural wonders.